President Rouhani: Iranian nation will never bow to foreign pressure

President Rouhani: Iranian nation will never bow to foreign pressure

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the Iranian nation has never bowed and will never bow to foreign pressures.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the Iranian nation has never bowed and will never bow to foreign pressures.

In a meeting with a group of Iranians residing in Switzerland, Rouhani termed Iranian expatriates as the ambassadors of the Iranian nation, urging them to help their compatriots inside the country in expressing the realities and making investments.

Iranians living abroad are symbols of ethics and culturedness and their valuable activities and high influence is a source of honor for the country, Rouhani said.

'The farther we get way from each other, the more plots the enemy will hatch. Our duty is to make efforts for the development and more welfare of the nation,' the president said.

'Our material and spiritual life is tied to the development and dignity of Iran. The government is trying to materialize these goals through national unity and cooperation. At the beginning of the 11th government, we told our foreign parties to speak to the Iranian nation with the language of logic and respect, that we can solve problems through dialogue and logic... and that threat, pressure and humiliation will never work in Iran ,' Rouhani said.

Despite all hardships, pressures and ups and downs and after breath taking and marathon talks with world powers, Iran managed to strike a deal which was in the interest of both sides, Rouhani said.

He said the nuclear deal gave a boost to Iran's economic and scientific interactions with the outside world and billions of dollars in investments were made in various sectors particularly by Iranian expatriates.

The deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was inked based on the interests of Iran and the world, Rouhani said, adding that Iran's logic has not changed by an irrational party has left the deal with an aim of putting pressure on the Iranian nation.

The Iranian president said they (Americans) claimed that they want to exert pressure on the Tehran government but they have actually targeted the Iranian people.

'When they ban exports of basic commodities such as medicines, who will come under pressure?' Rouhani questioned.

'The Americans have claimed they want to completely block Iranian oil exports. They do not know what this means because it would be meaningless that Iran cannot export its oil while others in the region can. Do this if you can and see its consequences,' the Iranian president said.

Referring to the achievements made by Iran over the past five years in the fields of gasoline, gas and gas oil production, improvement of medical services, tourism, transit, cyberspace...etc, Rouhani said pressure on banking and insurance ties and on oil exports means pressure on the country's development and people's welfare.

Elsewhere in his speech, Rouhani quoted Swiss officials as voicing support for the JCPOA and continuation of economic ties with Iran, noting that representatives of 40 Swiss companies are scheduled to hold talks with Iranian counterparts Tuesday.

At this juncture, all countries of the world except a few ones have condemned the Americans both verbally and practically for their confrontation with Iran, Rouhani said, hoping 'We can leave behind this period through cooperation and solidarity and with the least expenses and see a more developed, more vibrant and more dignified Iran.'


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