Conflict zones become profitable business for some: Putin

Conflict zones become profitable business for some: Putin

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Putin has voiced concern over terrorists obtaining weapons which had been first provided to so-called "moderate opposition."

"There is an impression that hotspots and conflict zones have become for some just a profitable business, a link of gray schemes for the supply of weapons to countries and regions with an unstable military and political situation," Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated at a meeting of the Commission for Military Technical Cooperation of Russia with foreign states.

According to Putin, "the export of weapons is a huge responsibility for any country, and it is very important that all participants of the global market understand that."

The Russian president has voiced concern that some arms makers "depart from the norms and principles of international law," which results in weapons being supplied to "moderate opposition" falling into the hands of terrorists.

"Instead of a real fight against terrorist groups, there is an imitation of this struggle, while uncontrolled armed supplies are growing."

Shedding light on Russia's approach to the issue, Putin has stated that Moscow controls how Russia-supplied weapons are used.

"Russia is firmly committed to its obligations in the fight against terrorism, responsibly approaching the choice of counterparties, as well as monitoring how its recipients use our equipment and weapons."


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