Anti-Trump protesters stage demo at US Embassy in London over Islamophobic videos

Anti-Trump protesters stage demo at US Embassy in London over Islamophobic videos

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Anti-Trump protesters are set to stage a demo at the US embassy in London after the president sparked a global backlash when he retweeted Islamophobic videos on Twitter.

The US leader has faced criticism after unapologetically sharing the string of unverified anti-Muslim videos initially posted by far-right Britain First’s deputy leader Jayda Fransen.

Demonstrators are expected to gather outside the US embassy in west London on Friday to campaign against a planned UK visit from the president after the incident earlier this week.

Campaign group Stand Up to Racism, organisers of the event, wrote on the event page: “Britain First are a fascist organisation with a history of Islamophobia and hate crime.

“Thomas Mair, who murdered Jo Cox, shouted 'Britain First' before he committed the terrible act.

“By retweeting Britain First, trump is legitimising this racism and #Islamophobia. We can not let this go unopposed.”

The demo comes after campaigners warned more than a million people could take to the streets to protest against Mr Trump’s UK visit.

Stop Trump, a separate group of demonstrators, said its large-scale campaign was reinvigorated after the billionaire businessman shared the videos to his 45.6milliion Twitter followers.

Mr Trump’s retweets caused a massive backlash with politicians including Prime Minister Theresa May saying it was “wrong” to share the tweets from a “hateful” group that “peddles lies”.

According to organisers of the Stop Trump group, it has seen a massive boost in the number of people pledging support for their campaign following Trump’s twitter posts.

Its website invites members of the public to "pledge to march" by signing up with their name, postcode and email address.

“We’ve had a huge response to our campaign over the last 24 hours – particularly on social media,” a spokesperson said.

“Thousands of people have been signing our pledge to protest.

“The British government know that the protests against a Trump visit could be the biggest we’ve ever seen in this country. Upwards of a million people could take to the streets.

“No doubt that’s a factor not only in the delay over the visit but also the secrecy surrounding the details.

“But there’s no escape. We could mobilise hundreds of thousands at a day’s notice.”


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