Myanmar bans Iran’s humanitarian aid supplies to Rohingya Muslims

Myanmar bans Iran’s humanitarian aid supplies to Rohingya Muslims

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Myanmar has imposed a ban on the delivery of a 40 tons of shipment containing relief supplies from Iran to Rohingya Muslism, according to head of Iranian Red Crescent Society.

“Following President Rouhani's orders, a task force was formed in Iranian Red Crescent Society to send humanitarian aids to Myanmar’s people. At first, we had planned to deliver these supplies directly through Myanmar, but the government of the country was opposed to the idea and did not permit the entry of these relief supplies," Mostafa Mohammadioun, general secretary of Red Crescent said Sunday.

Mohammadioun went on to add, "we then consulted with Bangladesh ambassador to Tehran as well as Iran’s envoy to Dhaka which in turn led to the shipment of 40 tons supplies including living items, relief and sanitary items. Red Crescent will send these items to Bangladesh and thereafter they will be delivered to the people of Myanmar."

The government of Bangladesh has declared their readiness to assist, Mohammadioun said and added “these supplies will soon be dispatched alongside with the Red Crescent’s evaluation team to assess the condition of Rohingya Muslims and their needs.”


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