Indonesia to hold International conference on 'Quran and Hadith'

Indonesia to hold International conference on 'Quran and Hadith'

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University in Jakarta, Indonesia, plans to organize an international conference on Quran and Hadith studies later this year.

Slated for November 6-8, the conference will focus its discussion on the Theme "The Current Status and development of the Quranic and Hadith Studies: Sources, Discourses, and Practices”, according to its website.

It will also cover the following topics: methodologies of the Quran and Hadith studies; living Quran and living Hadith; educational institutions of the Quran and Hadith studies; The Quran, Hadith, and gender, politics, science, media, popular culture, and Quran and Hadith studies in Indonesia.

The conference is intended to bring together scholars and researchers from a variety of disciplines who pay particular attention to the current status, the history, and the uses of the Quranic and Hadith in modern Indonesia, to share their knowledge and their findings of research.

It is also designed as an event where they can meet, create, and build an academic networking.

The 2nd annual meeting of the Indonesian Association of Quranic Studies (AIAT) will also be held concurrent with the international conference.


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