China forces Huawei to deny phone alarm function favors Muslims

China forces Huawei to deny phone alarm function favors Muslims

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Chinese tech giant Huawei has denied favouring Muslims with its phones equipped with alarms for prayers after it was "viciously attacked" by Chinese netizens, state media reported.

Huawei issued a statement saying that the alarm function is specifically designed for customers in overseas regions, and is not available in China.

Huawei's statement comes after netizens posted videos and screenshots of one of Huawei's product commercials showing it designed the alarm function for users to do morning prayers at nearby mosques. 

But the commercial has been removed from Huawei's website and e-commercial websites such as and Taobao, the state-run Global Times reported. 

Many netizens criticized Huawei for giving preferential treatment to Muslims with some even calling for a boycott of the company.

However, Huawei's defenders said they believe the company is considerate enough to design such a function for Muslims.

The company said someone "deliberately distorted" the facts and fanned the flames to attack Huawei, and that it has vowed to take legal action.

Huawei is a global company which provides customized designs for people from different countries, culture and ethnic groups, the company said.

As early as in 2008, Huawei was attracting many Muslims in countries such as Indonesia by designing special functions for them to practice their faith, such as including the Quran in the cell phone, the Global Times report said.


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