Thousands Muslims rally to mark birth anniv. of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) in India / Photos

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - On 2nd December 2017, people of Sirsi sadat (India) observed the birth anniversary of messenger of mercy, prophet Muhammad with zeal and enthusiasm.

The birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad is marked as Eid among the Muslims. On this day Muslims observe fast and makes charity.     
The people of Sirsi Sadat rallied out from different streets and gathered at Masjid Jame (central mosque), where Qari Intezam Ali recited the holy verses of Quran ,then the procession commenced under the supervision of Aalam Raza Khan Noori, Chief Mufti of Sirsi Sadat alongthem a number of Shia participants joined and made the procession successful.

During the procession some people were holding flags, banners and placards which had the message of love and unity (specially among Muslims).

The main theme of the rally was" Rouhuma baynahum" as showed in the banners, which is a part of Quranic verse i.e 48:29.

Some guest Poets and Scholars were also invited from different regions of India for the celebration of holy prophet Muhammad's birthday anniversary, who also present their views by their poetry and lecture.                                                                        

The procession ended at Budh Bazar where  Aalam Raza Khan Noori, chief Mufti addressed the gathering.      

Addressing the people he said" We are here to celebrate the birth anniversary of the one who was the ambassador of peace, who was the caretaker of the ummah (specially orphans) , who was the flag bearer of Tawhid, who is a symbol of unity among Muslims. The behavior of Prophet Muhammad attracted the others towards Islam, which made him famous among the Makkan's by different good titles like Sadiq, Ameen etc.

He also appealed the people to follow the footstep of prophet Muhammad and prayed for the maintenance of sovereignty and fraternity of the country.

Reported by Adil Haider, honorary reporter of ABNA


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