Suicide bombing leaves 28 casualties in Lahore, Pakistan

Suicide bombing leaves 28 casualties in Lahore, Pakistan

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - At least six people were killed and 22 wounded in a suicide bombing attack in the northeastern Pakistani city of Lahore, local television reported Wednesday.

At least seven people were martyred and 15 others wounded Wednesday morning when a Takfiri suicide bomber targeted a population census team in Lahore's Bedian Road.

Malik Ahmed Khan, a spokesperson of the Punjab government, confirmed the explosion to be a suicide attack. “The target seems to have been the census team and the soldiers accompanying them," he said confirming that four military personnel were martyred in the bombing, and at least 15 people were wounded.

A spokesperson of the Punjab police, Nayab Haider said they suspect "the suicide bomber was on foot. He came from behind the vehicles and detonated his vest."

Further details, he added, would be released when the Counter Terrorism Department completes its investigation report.


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