Shia Muslims part and parcel of Kashmir Freedom Struggle: Aga Syed Hasan

Shia Muslims part and parcel of Kashmir Freedom Struggle: Aga Syed Hasan

Reacting to the reports of the New Delhi’s policy of “controlling the media, mosques and madrasas and providing special package to Shia Muslims, president Anjuman Shari Shain Aga Syed Hasan Almosvi Alsafvi Monday said that Kashmir Freedom Movement is not a sectarian or religious matter but it the issue of the whole population of Jammu and Kashmir. He said Shia’s are the part and parcel of Kashmir Freedom Struggle.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - He said that “New Delhi has already started working on a policy especially aimed at dividing the Muslims of Jammu Kashmir. “Government of India has been hatching conspiracies to divided people on sectarian lines, but we want to remind it that this freedom struggle is not a religious or sectarian one but all people irrespective of caste, colour, sect, religion have been supporting this Movement,” he said.

“Muslims should identify themselves as Muslims alone. This only can help Muslim Ummah to remain united and face all sorts of aggression aimed at diving Muslims and sabotaging the genuine freedom struggle. Martyrs sacrificing for our freedom never lay down their lives for any particular sect, or thought so it is our utmost responsibility to uphold and honour these great sacrifices by remaining united,” Aga Hasan in a statement to CNS said.

He said that there is no doubt that Shia Muslims in Kashmir are downtrodden but at the same time they always supported the freedom struggle. “Shia Muslims are ardent supporters of Kashmir Freedom Struggle. Ministry of Home Affairs Government of India is trying to create a wedge between Muslims here. We can’t forget that same Government of India is not allowing us to carry out Ashura processions. There is so many leaders from Shia community who are spearheading this Kashmir Movement,” he said and added that the sinister motives of Government of Indai to lure us with packages will always fail,” he said.


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