Religious scholar: Iran, Pakistan have common enemies on border

Religious scholar: Iran, Pakistan have common enemies on border

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - A Pakistani religious scholar from Baluchistan strongly believes that common enemies of Iran and Pakistan are destabilizing the border and the two countries need to sign a defense agreement to ensure security on border areas.

Qari Abdul Rehman, who has a very good knowledge of Iran, said Iran and Pakistan should expose those elements which are creating security problems for the two neighboring states on border regions. 

'These elements are enemies of Iran and Pakistan rather they are agents of the US and some of its allies who want to sabotage strong relationship between Iran and Pakistan. In my view both countries need to formulate a joint strategy to encounter terrorist elements in bordering areas,” he noted. 

At least 9 Iranian border guards were martyred by terrorists in Mirjaveh region, in southeastern province of Sistan and Balouchestan on April 26, while patrolling at the zero border point. The terrorists fled to Pakistan’s territories after killing the Iranian border guards in an ambush. 

Iran in different massages has asked Pakistan to take more serious measure for securing border and bring terrorist elements to justice. 

'We have to find out those forces who are working on an agenda to disturb Iran-Pakistan ties and we have to root out these elements to have better relationship with each other,' Qari Abdul Rehman added. 

He said that Iran is taking measures to secure border or stop smuggling on border under its national and international obligation and Pakistan should also do the same. 

Expressing his views, Qari Abdul Rehman said that Iran-Pakistan border is a gate way for trade of billions of dollars between the two countries and a secure border will guarantee a boost in bilateral economic ties otherwise it would be difficult to enhance the trade ties. 

'The US and some of its allies are against the strong trade relationship between Iran and Pakistan that is why it is sending its agents in border areas to disrupt the trade activities on the border,' he said.


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