Quran hand-written by return refugee calligrapher goes on display in Herat

Quran hand-written by return refugee calligrapher goes on display in Herat

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - A return refugee, who is a well-known calligrapher, has hand written one of the largest Quran copies in Afghanistan, which the Herat governor said was a work of art.

The Quran copy by well-known calligrapher Mir Wali Ahmad Sabr, has gone on display in an exhibition in the city of Herat.

The exhibition, organized by a charity foundation, opened on Monday at a special ceremony.

This is the biggest Quran to have been hand-written so far in Herat province and it took four years to complete.

The layout of the Quran was done by Professor Habibi from Herat University.

Herat’s governor Mohammad Asif Rahimi said the hand-written Quran was an artistic masterpiece.

The calligrapher is a return refugee from Iran and said he had used an Arabic font.

"The Quran’s length is (about) 70 cm and the written text (is between) 33-50 cm and I have used an Arabic text format, but the first two pages were written using the Hert Teimurian school format,” said Sabri.

The Quran was written with the financial support of the Association of Servants of the Great Mosque of Herat, and it is expected to be kept at the great mosque in the city.

"A special room in the mosque will be dedicated to this Quran to keep there,” said Saad Khatibi, the head of the association.

Rahimi said by the end of the year, work on the Herat great mosque will start at a cost of nearly 300 million Afghanis from government.

"Our effort is to begin work on a large mosque in Herat in the coming fiscal year, and I would say that this reconstruction will be unprecedented in the history of this mosque,” Rahimi said.


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