Mass protest held on 'Demolition of Jannat ul Baqee' anniv. in Sultanpur, India / Photos

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - A mass protest on the 91th sad anniversary of demolition of sacred sites of Islamic in Hijaz by the draconian monarch of Saudi regime was observed in the city of Sultanpur (Uttar pradesh India).

A multitude of people, Religious scholars, Hindu figures of city participated the protest along with womenfolk who were chanting slogans of "Down with USA" and "Down with Al Saud".

The protest was started from the central Hussainia of Amhat followed by national highway routes and ended up in high security.

A number of students and scholars delivered the speech and exposed the heinous crimes of Al Saud from 1925 till today.

The protest was held under the patronage of Hussaini Shia Welfare society.

[Photos by Altamash Haider, Written by Adil Haidar]


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