India: Aligarh Muslim Univ. conducts annual hall ceremony / Pics

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The resident students of Sir Syed hall of Aligarh Muslim University organized the annual hall ceremony on 20/10/17 after Friday Prayers.

It is a part of AMU tradition to organize a ceremony in every resident hall of the university. Sheikh Sibte Haider from Mashhad addressed the gathering assembled in the common room of SS hall. He laid great emphasis on the need to follow the footsteps of Imam Hussain (a.s) as his virtues in the light of the Maxims of Prophet Muhammad (s.a).

"Hussain is like the arc of Noah ,Hussain ibn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad took a stand against Yazid’s illegitimate rule. Whilst Yazid was in equal parts feared and despised for his ruthlessness, Hussain was admired and respected by society at large. Mindful of this, Yazid decided that he would demand Hussain’s allegiance, hoping to gain some form of legitimacy for his inherited rule" said Sheikh Haider.

A large number of mourners including University Professors students ,staffs alongwith the students of other sects participated in a large number .

Safi Abbas ,a student of science said ,"These Majalis (ceremonies) are best platform to convey and conduct the message of Karbala in the mass ,we should work hard to save these legacies of Islam for future "

The Annual hall ceremonies are believed to be the result of the great efforts made by Allama Ali Naqi Naqvi who started Azadari (mourning) in the university campus for the first time. All the resident halls organize an annual ceremony because of the great effort from this noble man. In the coming week nine more halls are scheduled to organize the annual ceremonies which will be addressed by various scholars of the country.

[Written, photos by Adil Haider from India]


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