Muharram 2017

Ashura marked as anti terrorism day in Aligarh Muslim Univ., India / Pics

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The Aligarh Muslim University commemorated Ashura procession under the banner the World Anti Terrorism day.

A multitude of Professors and Students take part in the procession and highlighted the real theme of Ashura as Anti Terrorism day.

A number of banners having slogan of 'Muharram: A movement against Terrorism since 1400 years' are highlighted in the central procession inside the University campus . Stickers, leaflets having several slogans were distributed among the mass to spread the message of Ashura.

Prof Ali Mohammed Naqavi ;son of famous cleric Ayatollah Ali Naqi Naqvi also take the part in the procession and said, "Muslims around the world will mark Ashura on Monday to commemorate the death of their prophet's grandson, Hussain, who was killed for protesting tyranny in 680 AD. Once again, the violence has put Islam under the microscope and those attending the march in University, it's important they clarify what their religion is about and all are urged to assemble under the banner of Ashura to protest because the martyrdom of Imam Hussain is a message for every oppressed."

[Written by Adil Haider]


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