Muharram 2017

Ashura commemoration observed at Aligarh Muslim University, India / Photos

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The Aligarh Muslim University commemorated the day of Ashura as the World Anti Terrorism day.

The students of Aligarh Muslim University marks the sacrifice of Imam Hussain (AS) as the beginning of the fight against terrorism.

Talking about the theme of the procession, Adil a graduation student said, "What happened in Karbala 1400 years back was nothing less than terrorism, killing a 6 month old child in the lap of his father is a gruesome act of terror. Imam Hussain and his family fought against terrorism and this day is the best day for the world to unite against terrorism"

Thousands of Men, Women and Children marched in solidarity with the victims of terror in the whole world and condemned the terrorist activities all over the world.

The students carried placards, posters and banners depicting quotations of the Indian national leaders like Gandhi and Nehru about Imam Hussain (AS). Posters of the leaders of oppressed people Ayatullah Sayyed Ali Khamenai and Ayatullah Sayyed Ali Sistani were also seen in the procession.

The mourners also offered Dhohr prayer in congregation at the exhibition ground. Maulana Hassan Mohammad delivered the concluding speech at the Shah Jamal Karbala.

[Written by Adil Haider]


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