Thousands of Bahrainis gather in Manama to commemorate Ashura

Thousands of Bahrainis gather in Manama to commemorate Ashura

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Despite the tightened security measures imposed by the Bahraini government to prevent mourners from commemorating Ashura, thousands of Bahrainis gathered in Manama on (September 30, 2017) to commemorate the religious occasion.

The authorities blocked Al-Khawaja mosque in Manama where Shiites used to perform their prayers each year, which led the citizens to perform their prayers on Imam Al-Hussein Street and side streets.

Deputy Secretary General of the National Islamic Al-Wefaq Society Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi delivered a speech to the crowd in which he said that the political blockade in the country led it to the most serious phase of conflict between the regime and Shia majority.

Al-Daihi stressed that the people will continue demanding their legitimate rights, adding that no one can defeat Bahrainis.

Mourners held photos for the highest religious authority in Bahrain, Sheikh Isa Qassim, who remains under government house arrest since the authorities dispersed the sit-in outside his house killing 5 protestors.

Al-Daihi further stated that Sheikh Isa Qassim "will remain the safety valve for this country and a key for solution".

"Blockage of political solution horizons in Bahrain is not considered a victory for any party, however, it marks the beginning of a new outbreak that the authority fully bears," he continued.

The Deputy Secretary General of Al-Wefaq expressed the readiness of the opposition to negotiate and engage in dialogue, adding "we have a national and political project that aims at building the future of Bahrain for all Shiites and Sunnis, in a way that promotes social justice, equal citizenship and integrated political partnership."

He stated that they [the opposition] are keen on their country, its safety, stability and development, warning from those who he called owners of political and social sabotage project.


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