BCHR criticized anti-human rights behavior of Al Khalifa

BCHR criticized anti-human rights behavior of Al Khalifa

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Bahrain Center for Human Rights strongly criticized Al Khalifa regime for its anti-human rights behavior.

Bahrain Center for Human Rights tweeted, “42 marches took place in 24 villages in Bahrain. 9 marches were attacked by the riot police.”

According to the Center’s report, children have also been arrested and they are kept in very poor conditions.

Already, Bahrain Center for Human Rights had announced that Al Khalifa regime should halt its measures against the advocates of the human rights in the country.

In the recent decade, Bahrain has been witnessing tragic incidents caused by Al Khalifa regime after crackdown on the dissidence instead of providing services for people of Bahrain.

According to judicial centers in Bahrain, Al Khalifa regime has a record of imposing restrictions on public freedom, preventing expression of opinion and adopting oppressive laws against civilians particularly Shia Muslims in Bahrain in 2016.

Most of the political prisoners in Bahrain have been jailed while they have only been after justice and their legitimate rights.


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