Bahrainis protest military court death sentences / Pics

Bahrainis protest military court death sentences / Pics

A wave of protests erupted across Bahrain on Monday night after the kingdom’s top military court sentenced six civilians to death.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The verdict, in the first case of its kind since Bahrain’s rulers amended the country’s constitution allowing military courts to try civilians, sparked outrage among ordinary Bahrainis.

Hundreds took to the streets in a number of towns and villages to voice their anger over the ruling. Protests were reported in A’ali, Buri, Abu Saiba, Shakhura, Karranah, Sar, and Al Maqsha.

Security forces quickly responded by attacking the peaceful marches with teargas. The bulk of the unrest was witnessed in the country’s northwestern village of Diraz where plumes of smoke engulfed the narrow alleyways as police attempted to disperse local youths, who help up posters of the death row inmates and blocked roads.

The ruling, which comes despite allegations of torture and the enforced disappearances of some of the defendants, brings the total number of death penalty cases in Bahrain in 2017 to 14.

Another seven defendants were given 7-year prison terms on Monday. All 13 had their citizenship revoked.


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