Bahraini Shiite preacher of Al-Kheif mosque released after finishing his prison term

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The security authorities released on Friday (June 30, 2017) Shiite cleric and preacher of Al-Kheif Mosque in Al-Dair, Sheikh Isa Al-Moamen, after finishing his 3-month jail term over a Friday sermon he delivered on the onset of August 2016.

Al-Moamen was accused of inciting hatred against the regime. He spent about two months in the pre-trial detention last year, before the judge ordered his release on a bail. However, the court sentenced him later to 3 months in prison.

The security authorities arrested Al-Moamen from the court room on Thursday (May 25, 2017) after the verdict against him was upheld and transferred him to Jaw Central Prison.

Sheikh Isa Al-Moamen faces another case in which he is sentenced to 3 months in prison. The case is being considered before the Appeals Court. The authorities accuse him of inciting hatred against the regime over a Friday sermon he delivered in July 2016.


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