Bahraini security forces arrest another minor in latest raids

Bahraini security forces arrest another minor in latest raids

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Bahraini security forces have arrested another minor during raids targeting a number of towns and villages across the Gulf kingdom.

The 15-year old, Issam Hadi Jassim, was detained in Bahrain’s northern village of Karrana and reportedly taken to the highly feared Criminal Investigation Building.

In just over a week, Manama’s security forces have managed to detain another four juveniles, who were jailed ‘pending further investigation’.

The kingdom’s head of public security Tariq Al-Hassan weighed in on the matter through his Twitter account claiming that the minors “are the victims of negligence and inaction by their parents … and servants of traitors, agents and extremists.”

Jassim’s arrest, which came in the early hours of Monday morning, was accompanied by the detention of at least six other people.

Local activists reported that security forces stormed a number of homes in the villages of Bu Quwah, Bani Jamra, and Diraz.

Thousands have been detained in Bahrain in recent years without proper cause. Many of those arrested are often tortured and subjected to cruel and humiliating treatment at the hands of the security services.


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