Bahraini prisoner Maher Al-Khabaz suffered severe injuries after being beaten for delay in washroom

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - According to information, Bahraini prisoner, who was sentenced to death, Maher Al-Khabaz has suffered severe injuries after being beaten by a group of prison guards before he was transferred to an unknown location, according to other inmates.

Information revealed that Al-Khabaz was beaten for spending extra time in the washroom.

Policeman Waleed Al-Rifai attacked Al-Khabaz in his room, tore up the Koran in his possession and crushed his clay blocks which are used for prostration during prayers by the Shia, which prompted Al-Khabaz to push him out.

The information added that Al-Rifai summoned a group of prison guards who started to beat Al-Khabaz and then took him to an unknown destination.

Al-Khabaz's family held the Interior Minister and head of Jaw prison accountable for their son's safety, demanding that his whereabouts be disclosed.


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