Bahraini forces arrest 20 citizens including 4 brothers of martyr Ali Al-Moemen

Bahraini forces arrest 20 citizens including 4 brothers of martyr Ali Al-Moemen

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The security authorities launched a new raid campaign which resulted in arresting about 20 citizens from different Bahraini villages, most of them are from Sitra, particularly Sitra Al-Kharjiya.

Ahmad Al-Moemen, father of martyr Ali Al-Moemen, stated that the authorities arrested 6 members from the martyr's family (4 brothers, cousin and brother-in-law).

Ali Al-Moemen was killed by the authorities in the LuaLua Roundabout in February 2011.

The security forces arrested on the morning of Monday (March 13, 2017) "Abdullah Ahmad Al-Moemen, Hussein Ahmad Al-Moemen, Yasser Ahmad Al-Moemen, Ammar Ahmad Al-Moemen, Ali Jaafar Al-Moemen (cousin of martyr Ali Al-Moemen), Sadiq Jaafar Salil, Ali Abdulrasoul, Abbas Salil, Sayed Abass Sayed Jaber, Sayed Ali Sayed Mohammad Majed, Sayed Hussein Sayed Haidar Al-Mashaal, Ahmad Abdullah Al-Jadid and Qassim Ahmad Al-Maliki" from Sitra, "Abdulalim Haram (brother-in-law of martyr Ali Al-Moemen) and Hamad Maki Moqdad" from Al-Ma'ameer, "Ali Abdulrasoul" from "Ras Ruman", "Hassan Ali Abduljabbar" from Muqasha, "Sadiq Al-Shoufa and Hassan Al-Aribi" from Al-Kora, "Sayed Radi Al-Sharkhat, Mahmoud Maki Sabt, Hussein Taleb Abdulrasoul Al-Sheikh and Ahmad Al-Qalaf" from Sanabis, "Ali Jaafar" from Jeblat Hebshi, "Mohammad Fayez" from Diraz, "Sadiq Ali Maki" from Bani Jari and "Jassim Maki Al-Samoum" from Tashan.

The security authorities have arrested thousands of citizens since March 2011 over the protests that erupted in February 2011 and demanded putting an end to Al Khalifa monopoly over power.


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