Bahrain make new arrests this Week

Bahrain make new arrests this Week

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - A number of arrests have been reported across Bahrain over the past 48 hours following fresh raids by Manama’s security forces.

At least one person was detained in Bahrain’s coastal village of Malkiya after security forces stormed his home on Tuesday.

In the early hours of Monday, a university student was taken into custody from the northern village of Sehla.

Raids were also reported in Sitra, Bani Jamra, Eker, and Buri.

Meanwhile, the besieged village of Diraz was the site of extensive ‘security operations’ at dawn on Tuesday, involving house raids but no arrests. The reason for the raids remains unknown.

In recent years, Manama has jailed thousands without any legal justification as part of its clampdown on dissent. Many of the detainees are often tortured and subjected to cruel and humiliating treatment at the hands of the security services.


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