Bahrain clecic warns Sheikh Issa Qassem's detention may lead to bloodbath

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Deputy of Bahrain’s Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem warned that the detention of the prominent Shia cleric would lead to a bloodbath in the Persian Gulf island.

Sheikh Abdullah Daqqaq said that targeting Ayatollah Qassem “will tantamount to a quake or a volcano,” stressing that in that case “all options will be on table.”

Sheikh Daqqaq said that Al Khalifa regime aims to convict and jail Ayatollah Qassem, pointing out that the Bahrainis through their popular rallies are preventing the regime from reaching its goals.

“The equation may change and our people will have the final say,” Sheikh Daqqaq said.

Meanwhile, the Bahraini cleric noted that Turkish-Bahraini coordination to exile Ayatollah Qassem was circulated on news websites. In this context, Sheikh Daqqaq stressed that the Bahraini people have the potential to prevent such scheme.


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