Al Wefaq’s official warns Sheikh Isa Qassim’s health situation

Al Wefaq’s official warns Sheikh Isa Qassim’s health situation

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The Deputy Secretary-General of Bahrain’s Al Wefaq warned that Sheikh Isa Qassim’s health situation is highly sensitive and requires follow-up.

Sheikh Qassim, Bahrain’s highest religious authority, was diagnosed with a hernia on Sunday. The 80-year old’s health deteriorated following more than 500 days of virtual siege in the northwestern Bahraini village of Diraz.

Al Wefaq’s Sheikh Hussein Al Daihi revealed that stepped-up security measures around the cleric’s home were followed by the arrival of an ambulance and a military camera crew on Wednesday morning.

There were no prior arrangements made with Sheikh Qassim or his family concerning any form of treatment. It isn’t clear why the ambulance was sent to the house.

Sheikh Al Daihi noted that any medical treatment must be coordinated with doctors who are familiar with Sheikh Qassim’s health condition.


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