Muslims open doors of Toronto mosque to non-Muslims / Pics

A mosque in Toronto invited public to open house Saturday after an anti-Muslim protest disrupted Friday prayers last week.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Masjid (Mosque) Toronto held an open house Saturday afternoon, February 25, inviting the public to tour the mosque, ask questions and enjoy Middle Eastern cuisine. Torontonians from diverse backgrounds attended the welcoming event. One host wore a T-shirt reading “Toronto Loves Everybody” in refreshing contrast to the incendiary anti-Muslim protest that took place outside Masjid last week.

While the mood of the open house was largely warm and celebratory, many in the mosque prayed quietly on the main floor. Mindful of their presence, guides led small groups on a tour of the mosque, a former Royal Bank of Canada branch purchased by the Muslim Association of Canada in 2002. The mosque hosts community events, a weekend children’s school and various classes.

At Saturday’s open house, Muslims and non-Muslims meeting each other for the first time easily connected, people from all walks of life appreciating and recognizing one another’s uniqueness and commonality, reminding that people are happiest when sharing their humanity.   


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