Canadian Muslims in Airdrie get their first mosque

Canadian Muslims in Airdrie get their first mosque

The Muslim community in Airdrie, Alta., now has a place of their own to get together and pray.

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): The Muslim community in Airdrie, Alta., now has a place of their own to get together and pray.

After many years of using a local church and travelling to mosques in northeast Calgary, the community just opened the Airdrie Islamic Centre.

The first prayers where held there on Thursday.

The centre will hold daily prayers and Friday prayers — called Jumma'ah — as well as Islamic school classes for kids on Sundays, operated by the North West Islamic School of Calgary.

"I'm very, very happy," Yasmin Khan said. "Mostly we pray at home, and it's different to come and do a collective job here.

"And I'm so happy to see the kids here, that they are going to take lessons and get to know their own religion."

"Now we have a proper place to say our prayers," said Mona Shehzad, who has lived in Airdrie for the past 11 years. The city is estimated to have at least 60 Muslim families living there.

"The church here, it was fabulous, really generous that they gave us that place to worship and it really stands for the Canadian culture that we can say our prayers even in a church and we really appreciate that," said Shehzad.

But the new Islamic centre, tucked away behind the Safeway off Main Street, is not just about prayers.

It also provides a gathering spot for the community to host different cultural and social activities.

"It feels really good that now finally we have our own place and everyone's welcome here. If people have questions, we'll be happy to answer them," Muhammad Huraira said.

The Muslim Council of Calgary is funding the new centre.

"The council represents about 80,000 Muslims in Calgary and when we feel there's a gap we try and fill that need," said Ghazanfar Zafar, secretary of the MCC.

"This centre is phase one, and in the future we may even build a permanent centre."

Airdrie resident Muhib Ali said the new centre will be more convenient for Muslims living there.

"When we moved here a couple of years ago, we didn't really have a lot of things for the Muslim community and it's nice to see we're trying to make a footprint here," said Ali, who added he won't miss icy winter drives to Calgary to pray.

"It's the start of a stronger community, and it will help bring awareness of our religion here, too."


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