Shiites vow to continue observing rites despite govt crackdown

Shiites vow to continue observing rites despite govt crackdown

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The Islamic‎ Movement of Nigeria (IMN) has promised to observe it's religious rites despite the alleged crackdown on its members by security forces.

Leader of the movement in Bauchi State, Mallam A Yashi stated this at a press conference in Bauchi Wednesday while speaking on the recent incidences involving members of the movement during their Arba'een trekking in Kano, Fambeguwa and other places.

He said that their members have allegedly been‎ attacked by security forces on their way to Zaria from various destinations who are observing the annual Arba'een symbolic trekking.

According to him, the Arba'een trekking is a religious rite being observed by members of the movement to commemorate the historical incidence which occurred in Karbala‎ in which members of prophet Muhammad's (SAW) family were killed.

He said that the movement have been observing the annual event for six years without‎ any incidence until two years ago when they had a clash with the Nigerian security forces in which over 1,000 members were killed.

Ayatollah Zakzaky and his wife had been in detention since then.

The IMN leader in Bauchi stated that as long as there is law which guarantees the freedom of religion in Nigeria, they will follow all legal means to observe their religious rites and obligations.


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