Nigerian regime after gradual murder of Sheikh Zakzaky

Nigerian regime after gradual murder of Sheikh Zakzaky

It seems that Nigerian regime has plans to kill Sheikh Zakzaky, but slowly, the activist warned.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - A top member of Nigeria’s Islamic Movement took a swipe at the Abuja government for its harsh treatment of top Muslim cleric Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, saying the regime seeks to murder the popular religious figure in a gradual manner.

"Dr. Ibrahim Suleiman expressed concern about the health conditions of Sheikh Zakzaky, founder and leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria who has been imprisoned since December 2015" he said in in interview with Tasnim News.

It seems that the regime has plans to kill Sheikh Zakzaky, but slowly, he warned.

He also lashed out at the government for refusing the cleric medical treatment and for accusing him of pursuing plans to promote Shiite Islam in Nigeria.

Sheikh Zakzaky has always sought Muslim unity, Suleiman added, urging the government to obey a court ruling and release the popular cleric.

In early December 2016, Abuja division of the Federal High Court of Nigeria ruled that Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Zeenat should be released unconditionally.

The prominent cleric and his wife were taken into custody on December 14, 2015, after deadly attack of Nigerian army against members of Islamic Movement and its leader Sheikh Zakzaky.

Hundreds members of the movement were martyred in the clashes. The sheikh was brutally injured and his house was reportedly destroyed by the army in the incident.


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