National Quran competition underway in Sudan

National Quran competition underway in Sudan

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The preliminary stage of a national Quran competition in Sudan is underway in the country’s capital, Khartoum.

The second edition of the contest kicked off on Thursday and will run for ten days, according to Okaz newspaper.

The International Islamic Aid Council has organized the competition, which is being supervised by Sudan’s Awqaf Minister Abubakr Othman.

There are 200 participants from different parts of the country competing in the categories of memorization of 10 and 20 Juzes (parts) and memorization of the entire Quran.

The final stage will be held after Eid al-Adha holidays and winners will be awarded at the closing ceremony.

Sudan is a country in northern Africa. Over 97 percent of its population is Muslim.

Quranic activities are prevalent in Sudan and its people are very keen on learning the Quran.

There are Quranic classes called ‘Khalawat’ as well as Quranic schools across the country. Millions of people in the East African country know the entire Quran by heart.


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