The latest No. of magazine English-language 'Message of Thaqalayn' published

The latest issue of English-language 'Message of Thaqalayn' published by Ahlul Bayt World Assembly.

Table of Contents are as follow:

Volume 17, Number 4, Winter 1438/2017

Introducing Imam Husayn to Humanity: Spiritual Advice for Organizations

Mohammad Ali Shomali

Orientalists' Works on Imam al-Kazim: A Critique

S. Wasim Razzaqi Musawi

The Spiritual Advice of Imam al-Jawad to his Companion

Hasan Ardeshir Lajim

General Symptoms of Mental Illness

Habibollah Taheri

The Socio-Political Measures of Imam al-Jawad

Abul-Qasim Shakir

A Brief Biography of Salman al-Fars

Mohammad Reza Javaheri

Community Building, Part VI

Mohammad Ali Shomali

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