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Missionaries' scientific seminar on "Khums" held in Najaf

Missionaries' scientific seminar on

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The scientific seminar of Iraqi men and women missionaries was held by AhlulBayt World Assembly with the theme of "Khums".

In the meeting, which was held on Saturday morning on July 31, 139, at the Assembly's representatives in the city of Najaf , 150 missionaries from four provinces of Iraq were present.

Ayatollah Sayyed Hasan al-Noori, Hujjat ul-Islam Sayyed Abdoljabbari Mousavi and Hujat ul-islam al- Naamani speak at this seminar.

Also, Hujat ul-islam Behbahani Pahlavanzadeh, representative of the AhlulBayt World Assembly in Iraq, spoke in the beginning of this seminar.

In the final section of the meeting, Ayatollah Hassan al-Nouri answered the questions and doubts raised by the propagandists about Khums.


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