"Cultural Week of Qom" in Lebanon - 4

Iran’s cultural advisor in Lebanon meets with Qom’s Governor

Iran’s cultural advisor in Lebanon met with Qom’s Governor in order to coordinate the plans for the “Qom’s Cultural Week in Lebanon”.

Iran’s cultural advisor in Lebanon met with Qom’s Governor in order to coordinate the plans for the “Qom’s Cultural Week in Lebanon”.

According to Ahlul Bayt news Agency – ABNA – Iran’s cultural advisor has met with “Sayyed Mahdi Sadeghi”, Qom’s governor, in Lebanon to coordinate the plans for “Qom’s Cultural Week in Lebanon”.

Mohammad Mahdi Shariatmadar, in the beginning of this meeting, stated, “so far, two teams from Qom Governerate have gone to Lebanon and, observed the spaces in Nabtieh, designed the booths and their plans, and have held frutful meetings.

“There’s a great teamwork in Lebanon. Some of the work has been given to Nabtieh municipality and some other to public institutions. Regarding promotion and advertisement, great efforts have been made. The municipality of Nabtieh and different institutions also take care of affairs regularly”. He added.

“Everyone is completely ready and all measures have been taken. All equipment is ready as well. It’s the first time that such great event is going to be held”, he also added.

“Besides the exhibition, other programs like poem nights will be held as well. The R&D I IRIB has also held a huge conference and one of the programs will be held outside Nabtieh”, he stated.

Speaking on coordination with authorities in Qom, Shariatmadar stated, “I met with Ayatollah Saeidi, custodian of lady Masoumeh’s holy shrine, and Dr. Saghaian, the mayor of Qom, and explained about the significance of this event. Everything is taken care of regarding trade, cutoms, and permissions. All goods have been send to Lebanon in a timely manner.

“I hope that cooperation between Qom and Lebanaon will not be limited to an exhibition and this will be a beginning for an influencial and long-lasting process”, he added.

He also suggested that there be more cooperation between Iran and Lebanon in terms of sports and trade.

In the end of this meeting, “Sayyed Mahdi Sadeghi”, governor of Qom, stressed on the necessity of cooperation among cultural and economical institutions and a careful plan to advancement of the goals in this week-long event.

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