African Member of ABWA: Africa knows the risk of Takfiris / Shia Islam the school of wisdom

African Member of ABWA: Africa knows the risk of Takfiris / Shia Islam the school of wisdom

From the last century, Lebanese Shia known Africa as a safe place to immigrate. African authorities know that Takfiri groups are like a dangerous cholera that want to infect everyone.

Ahlul Bayt News Agency – ABNA - “words and verbal invitations are good, but action is the true meaning of Islamic advertising.” An African member of Ahlul Bayt World Assembly said with emphasizing that “good deeds are always the best way, the most truthful tongue and the most immortal voice for advertising”

Hojjat-al Islam Shiekh Abdul Moneim Alqbysy also added: we can achieve the goals that Ahlul Bayt tried so hard to achieve with good ethics. As those Honorables promoted God’s message with having few allies.

This international preacher continued: first we need “vision” then “sincerity” and then “effort”. These are the things we need to do any kind of activity in any field, no matter how big or small the activity is.

“from a century ago, lots of Shiites and merchants in Lebanon immigrated to africa and found that there’s a safe place to live. These groups were and are specially active in economical and commercial fields. “This Lebanese clergyman who was doing activities in Africa for a long time and currently is teaching to Lebanese people in Ivory coast, Africa said about the Shia in Africa.  

“these immigrates also built mosques and libraries which naturally caused Islamic culture be promoted in Africa.” He continued.

“after years of hard work, we became able to make lots of religious and cultural institutes in Africa – specially in Ivory coast.” Shiekh Abdul Moneim Alqbysy said about his own cultural activities.

“we all know that Ahlul Bayt’s teachings invite people to knowledge and considering people more than any other religion. So this idea naturally asks for unity of the people. Because of that do not officially recognize Takfiri groups.” He also said about Takfiri and Wahhabis groups’ activities in Africa as he was talking to ABNA reporter.

“people who run the Takfiri groups do all they can in order to make these groups appear in everywhere that has peace and tear the Muslims’ unity apart for their own evil Anti-Islam purposes. Their actions first began in Nigeria then Mali and other parts.” Ivory coast member of Ahlul Bayt World Assembly continued.

“we do all we can to stop them. I should point to the corrupt African politics for helping the Takfiri groups expanding. We have warned African about these important matters, because this sickness is like a dangerous cholera that wants to infect everyone. Shiekh Alqbysy said about ways to stop the Takfiri groups and their attempts to destroy Muslims’ unity.

“we should communicate with true Muslims among Sunnis to make everyone understand that Takfiri groups have nothing to do with Islam.” He also suggested.

This member of Ahlul Bayt World Assembly hopes that with the cooperation of the assembly and the other active international religious institutes, religious and cultural activities be strengthened.

“if your actions be for God they will grow and God will make thousands of masterpieces out of them.” Shiekh Alqbysy emphasized.

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