ABWA's statement on the 6th anniversary of Bahrain revolution

Ahlul Bayt World Assembly has issued a statement on the occasion of Bahrain revolution’s sixth anniversary.

According to Ahlul Bayt News Agency - ABNA – Ahlul Bayt World Assembly has issued a statement on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the beginning of the Bahrain revolution against the dictatorship of the Saudi regime.

Part of this statement says, “we invite the honest and sincere people in the international community to try to stop the bloodshed in Bahrain”.

Full statement is as follows:

In the name of God

February 14th , 2017 is the sixth anniversary of the oppressed people of Bahrain’s revolution. In such day the people of Bahrain began their uprising to end the tyranny and the dictatorship in their country; an uprising in which the people took part and amazed the world.

Al-Khalifa regime answered this revolution with the help of external forces in order to crush and break the will of the people from the very beginning.

In the sixth anniversary of Bahrain’s revolution, the people of this country still live in the shadow of Al-Khalifa regime’s suppression and Al-Khalifa regime has made suppression the only way to answer people’s fair requests.

Because of Al-Khalifa regime’s savage and repressive methods and their actions, people of Bahrain live in a Suppression-oriented and bloody atmosphere and lots of their children get sacrificed in such atmosphere. Also thousands of people are imprisoned without fair trial. Today thousands of Bahraini people live in forced exile and are displaced around the world. Also thousands are wanted in Bahrain and have lost their security in the extremely Suppression-oriented atmosphere of this country.

We in Ahlul Bayt World Assembly, point out a few tips on the occasion of this revolution’s sixth anniversary and its consequences such as extreme suppression of the people by the Al-Khalifa regime:

  1. As mentioned before, Al-Khalifa regime and international community should stop the bloodshed through political ways instead of suppression. After five years of suppression in Bahrain, we invite this regime to stop its suppression in order to deal with people’s requests and look for political options to save Bahrain. We also ask the international community to do its moral obligation in dealing with Bahrain’s situation and giving rights to the people of Bahrain in choosing their country’s destiny.
  2. Ahlul Bayt World Assembly, by closely observing the changes in Bahrain, like many other international NGOs, have reached the conclusion that Al-Khalifa regime has failed and people of Bahrain deserve to choose their own political system by political means. We insist on their rights in determining their own destiny based on international treaties and conventions.
  3. We will remember Bahraini people’s stand, vigilance and dedication in order to reach freedom. They endured the suppression but never stepped back.
  4. we invite the honest and sincere people in the international community to try to stop the bloodshed in Bahrain. And make path for the people to achieve their rights such as determining their destiny and political system.

Bahrain’s current situation and their resistance and also their readiness for sacrifice and also consequences of the victories of the resistance in the region, suggest that we should think about a new way to give them their choices back, like determining the political system and their destiny.

Ahlul Bayt World Assembly

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