ABWA issues statement on 2nd anniversary of invasion of Yemen by Al Saud regime

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Ahlulbayt World Assembly issues statement on the 2nd anniversary of the invasion of Yemen by Al Saud regime.

The Full text of the statement is as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the Almighty

Statement of the Ahlulbayt World Assembly on the 2nd Anniversary of the Invasion of Yemen by Al Saud Regime

The second anniversary of the shameful invasion of Yemen by infamous regimes of Saudi Arabia & the United States against the Muslim people of Yemen has arrived.

The U.S. Administration, through an overnight attack, destroyed everything that was beautiful in the land of Yemen and killed a great number of human beings and other living creatures and all that is related to human life. They did not exclude even hospitals, educational centers, markets, food and pharmaceutical establishments both inside and outside the cities, the houses of worship, mosques, and the celebration or mourning halls for a period of two years.

The invasion and the siege have caused nearly 27 million Yemenis to be exposed to starvation.

The international community is witnessing the worst crimes and medieval massacres against the innocent Yemeni civilians; and the world has shamefully remained silent in front of all these barbaric atrocities. Even the United Nations, which has been established as a guardian of justice and Human Rights, has not moved a finger or taken any effective measure.

We call on the conscience of all people and international organizations to the statistics issued by the Legal Center for Rights and Development and the Ministry of Public Health and Population of Yemen on the crimes of aggression by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries of the coalition against Yemen (statistics released on March 25, 2017):

1. Civilian casualties (killed and wounded)

32749 killed and wounded
26460 children killed
1922 women killed
7728 men killed
19631 Number of wounded
2723 children injured
2181 wounded women
1870 disabled

2. Destruction of Infrastructures in Yemen

• 712 mosques
• 403039 destroyed and damaged houses
• 763 schools and institutes
• 223 tourist establishments
• 206 archaeological sites
• 103 sports facilities
• 113 academic centers
• 26 media establishments
• 663 food stores
• 515 food trucks
• 15 airports
• 14 ports
• 161 electricity power plants
• 339 networks and stations
• 307 tanks and water networks
• 270 hospitals and health facilities
• 213 chicken and cattle farms
• 1624 government facilities
• 1577 roads and bridges
• 2574 vehicles
• 5596 business premises
• 1630 agricultural fields
• 540 commercial markets and malls
• 277 factories
• 314 gas stations
• 235 fuel tankers

In this regard, the Ahlulbayt World Assembly stands today to fulfill its legitimate, religious and human duty by condemning the invasion and terrible crimes committed by the States of the Aggression Alliance against Yemen. We send our message to the perpetrators of this aggression to stop killing, destruction and bloodshed, and to emancipate themselves from the yoke of service to the American and Zionist arrogant powers; because the continuation of these crimes will not bear any fruits but loss and regret both in this world and in the Hereafter.

We also call upon all Muslim scholars in all Muslim countries to carry out their legitimate and humanitarian duty towards the oppressed Yemeni people by disclosing the atrocities of criminal states and the goals behind these atrocities in their speeches.

We further appeal to the awakened conscience of all people and all international human rights organizations to take extremely serious measures to stop the daily massacres in Yemen and put an end to the arms deals with the 'countries of the aggression alliance'.

We urge Human Rights organizations for serious international actions to bring criminal States to international courts because of their use of internationally prohibited weapons of mass destruction such as cluster bombs which has been proven by documented reports.

The Ahlulbayt World Assembly
26 March 2017

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