• Common questions regarding Wilayat Al-Faqih (Part 2)

    More than a thousand years have passed since the minor occultation until now. It is possible that the reappearance of the Imam (ajf), because of divine wisdom, might be postponed for another thousand years. Does this mean that the divine laws should not be implemented during this time? Should people do whatever they desire during this time? Should there be anarchy? Did the Prophet of Islam (s) go through the difficulties and hardships of explaining, propagating, and implementing these rulings so that they are implemented just for the 23 years of his own life? Has Allah (swt) limited the implementation of these rulings to a period of two hundred years just to leave everything after the minor occultation?

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  • Analysis: Six reasons why West couldn't attack Syria

    During the past six years, a series of scenarios were put on the agenda to prepare the ground for military action against Damascus– including Libyanization of the conflict. But to date like the past years, no force-based measures were applied in practice against the Syrian government.

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  • Death Anniversary of Lady Masouma / Biography

    Hadrat Fatima Masumah the Blessed and the Gracious Divine Lady from the Holy Ahlul Bayt was born in the holy city of Madinah, Her father Imam Musa al-Kazim the 7th Shia Imam. She died on 10th of the month of Rabi al-Thani 201 A.H. and buried in Qom. On the Sad Occasion of the Death Anniversary of Hadrat Fatima Masumah we extend our Heartfelt Condolences to all the lovers of the Holy Ahlul Bayt.

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  • Saudi dream of major muslim power dies

    As recently as two years ago, Saudi Arabia’s half century-long effort to establish itself as the main power among Arab and Islamic states looked as if it was succeeding. A US state department paper sent by former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, in 2014 and published by Wikileaks spoke of the Saudis and Qataris as rivals competing “to dominate the Arab world”.

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  • Imam Khamenei’s unexpected visit to the family of a Christian Martyr

    The mother says something in Assyrian to her son and Alfred asks the Leader doubtfully, “Do you eat home-made cake?” When The Leader says, “Yes” an extreme happiness becomes apparent on the mother’s face…The Leader takes a piece of cake and says to others, “It is very delicious. Do you not want to eat?

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  • Analysis: Iran-Egypt thaw possible?

    One of the major issues that help us search for roots of chilled Iran-Egypt relations after the Iranian revolution of 1979 is Cairo's diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv, deemed by Tehran treason to the Palestinian cause.

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  • Ibrahim Musa: Operation to exterminate Islamic Movement in Nigeria 'Foreign Sponsored'

    We believe the operation to exterminate IMN is foreign sponsored and has for long been on the offing, only that previous governments have not cooperated with the foreign governments that want to wipe out the IMN. But this administration is keen on carrying out this brutal operation to its logical conclusion. What they, however, forgot is that the late dictator, Gen. Abacha tried to annihilate the Movement in 1996, but Allah intervened, and he was gone for good. We believe since we are unjustly oppressed this time around, Allah will definitely intervene, and what happened to us and is still happening will be history. We will come out victorious insha Allah.

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  • Analysis: Assassination of Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey, Possible Reasons

    This Heinous terrorist act is bound to have far-reaching implications in the region and globally and especially on the resolution of the Syrian conflict. The man who assassinated the Russian diplomat was identified as a 22-year-old Turkish riot police officer who shouted "Don't forget Aleppo" during the attack. He was later killed by security forces present at the exhibition hall.

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  • Report: Lebanon’s new cabinet, Hezbollah achievements

    The election of Aoun was a strategic victory for Hezbollah and the eventual formation of the cabinet is considered a significant victory for Hezbollah allies. Aoun was the main presidential candidate supported by two main parties in the March 8 Alliance, that is, Hezbollah and the Christian party known as the Lebanese National Movement.

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  • Honoring Sheikh Nimr:

    You can kill a Man, but not an ideology

    An innocent man, Sheikh Al-Nimr, was executed by the brutal Saudi regime immediately after New year festivities. Sheikh Al-Nimr was a faith leader, reformist and human rights activist in Saudi Arabia, who had long campaigned for an end to the discriminatory laws against the Shia minority community of the country.

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  • 'El Rufai' a great danger for Nigerian people; He must face International Criminal Court

    The most important thing is that this loose cannon, Governor El Rufai, unlike his co-travellers who prefer to keep conspiratorially mute, has confirmed that he pays foreign invaders and killers “compensation” to stop killing the people of Southern Kaduna. In turn, they use the money to buy more arms and deploy more people to kill more Nigerians. I leave him to the people of Kaduna State to render accounts on how he spends their money.

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  • Yemen’s Ansarullah game pawns Vs. Riyadh’s empty hands

    The daily $200 million cost of the Saudi war on Yemen as well as budget deficit and unavoidable austerity measures on the one hand and the US concerns about being blacklisted as a violator of the human rights made the Saudi leaders consider ways to put an end to the nearly two-year conflict through dialogue.

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